Muhammad Reza Shajarian is regarded as the undisputed living master of Persian classical singing. He taught traditional Persian classical singing at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Tehran for many years, and is especially famed for his original vocal interpretations of the poetry of classical Persian poets such as Khayyam, Baba Taher, Rumi, Sa‘di, and Hafiz.


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Hushang Ibtihaj (b. 1928) figures as one of Iran’s leading poets of the twentieth century. Author of some 13 collections of poetry, his poems have been translated into a number of European languages. He was the producer of the Golha-yi taza (Fresh Flowers) and Golchin-i hafteh (Bouquet of the Week) programmes (1972-79).


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Humayun Khorram is one of Iran’s leading virtuoso violinists, as well as an eminent composer. He studied and trained under Abu’l-Hasan Saba and his legendary performances on the violin are known world-wide. His compositions for violin, orchestra, songs, and films number well over 300. For years he performed in and composed famous melodies for the Golha Orchestra of the National Radio and Television of Iran.


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Rahim Mu‘in Kermanshahi (b. 1922) is one of the leading song-writers and poets of twentieth century Iran. He composed many legendary ballads and songs for the Golha Programmes performed on the National Radio of Iran during the 1950s, 60s and 70s. He is the author of several collections of lyrical poetry, and for the last two decades has been occupied in composing a historical epic of Iran in verse entitled ‘The Masterpiece’ (Shahkar). Ten volumes of this immense poem, so far totalling over 100,000 couplets, have already appeared in print.


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Professor James W. Morris teaches at Boston College and specializes in Islamic Philosophy, Sufism and Persian Culture.


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Dr. Shahin Farhat is a distinguished Iranian composer, who did his post-graduate work in music in the USA and Paris. Author of numerous compositions, he currently is Professor of Music and Head of the Department of Music at the University of Tehran.


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Hirad Dinavari the Reference Librarian for the African Middle Eastern Division Iranian World Collections, Library of Congress commenting on the Golha Project web site.


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Baha al-Din Khurramshahi is one of Iran’s leading scholars in the field of Persian literature. He is the author of Hafiz-nama, a definitive and comprehensive commentary on Hafiz’s poems, and editor of a two volume Encyclopedia of the Holy Qur’an. He is also a prolific translator from European languages into Persian, having translated works by Ortega y Gasset, Carl Jung and Henry Miller.


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Alireza Miralinaghi For the past twenty years, has been one of Iran’s leading classical music journalists who has compiled and edited a multi-volume annotated Bibliography of Persian Music (Kitab-shinasi va maqala-shinasi-yi tawsifi-yi musiqi-yi Iran)

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Mr Shahrokh Pirnia, the son of Davoud Pirnia, is a member of the Royal Society of Arts, and the deputy head teacher at Rustam School in London. He is an International Baccalaureate Examiner and a Lecturer at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, and also a senior member of O.C.R (GCSE Persian Examination Committee). He works as a Senior Assessor for the Department of Education. as well as Head of Persian Studies at Southbank International school, teaching IB, as well. He has published books on classical Persian Poetry as well as numerous articles in the Iranian press.


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